Who Uses Us

Fund managers

  • Track hiring trends across industry, sectors, and strategies.
  • Compare competitor talent, including prior firms and pedigrees.
  • Benchmark investment and operations staff ratios and team leverage.

(internal and external)

  • Follow key industry talent trends to better position your hiring process.
  • Investigate which firms are growing, shrinking, and where they are focused.
  • Improve talent sourcing and strategy in client meetings.

Marketing & Sales
(in-house and outsourced)

  • Know the full scope of launches and people moves within the industry.
  • Model your firm’s competitive messaging around talent.
  • Research which competitors are growing assets.


  • Conduct investment due diligence on turnover rates, hiring, and the quality of talent at firms before investing and for ongoing review.
  • Observe changes in personnel at competing allocators.

Service Providers

  • Identify potential clients based on assets, hiring, growth, and activity.
  • Improve and accelerate client acquisition through in-depth understanding of assets, operations and personnel.

Job Hunters

  • Discover who’s hiring for what roles.
  • Prepare for interviews.
  • Conduct due diligence on target employer background, news, staffing, culture, and reputation.