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The premier platform for finding jobs in the hedge fund market all over the world.

  • 200+ hedge fund jobs across the globe
    Industry’s most active and curated database of publicly listed jobs and jobs sent exclusively to HFObserver. Actual hiring firm name and application contact information ALWAYS provided.
  • Comprehensive news archive, updated weekly
    Largest aggregated news portal for all hedge fund human capital developments, systematically categorized at the industry, firm and individual level. News includes firm/fund launches and updates and personnel hires/promotions/departures.
  • Hiring insights from industry hiring experts
    Exclusive HFObserver articles on recruiting and hiring trends and recruiter advice for senior and junior hedge fund applicants

Case Studies

Opportunity enabler

The HFObserver team provides subscribers with weekly updates on publicly listed jobs from named hedge funds and jobs sent exclusively to HFObserver, which are then categorized by level of seniority, by functional role, by firm type and by geography. As a result members review and search the largest array of live opportunities and determine where their abilities and skills are best matched.

The platform is built to enable members to review directly relevant roles easily while also allowing members to review functional roles that may be equally as relevant. Members can also select opportunities from stand-alone hedge funds and hedge fund allocators, and also from hedge fund and allocator divisions of banks, endowments, foundations, sovereign wealth funds, pensions, government institutions, industry/corporations, family offices and private equity firms.

Researched and Verified

The HFObserver Team works hard to ensure that jobs listed are live and are from reputable firms and that each opportunity is appropriately categorized. We research each job opportunity before posting onto our member platform. We also ensure that all aggregated human capital news is newsworthy and categorized so members can get an accurate picture of human capital developments at the industry level, the firm level and the individual level.

Leaders in their fields

Whenever HFObserver posts exclusive or non-exclusive career information and advice on our member site, members can rest assured that the information has been vetted by leaders in the field of human capital. We also employ database experts to ensure that all information and news is systematically categorized so as to be most useful to our members.

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