AUGUST Job Trending: Foreign, Human Language Skills in Demand in the U.S.

If you recently scanned a job board for analyst roles requiring language fluency, chances are you were hit with a list of computer programming requirements like Linux, OO Perl, SQL, RDBMS, C++, PowerShell, C#, Ruby, Bash and Python.

Scroll a bit further to academic requirements, and the school degrees that matter are computer science (“comp sci” in the industry jargon), computer engineering, electrical engineering, mathematics and maybe physics.

The intense demand for and media attention paid to these hedge fund comp sci jobs in recent years have led some to call this era in hedge fund history the revenge of the quants.

But in recent weeks, good ol’ human language skills are making a comeback for analyst roles right here on U.S. soil.

Examples of August postings from firms in several states where human language skills are in demand:...

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