2016 Profile: Who ‘Super-Recruiter’ Citadel Hires as Internal Recruiters

First the nutrient-rich superfoods entered our lexicon. More recently, the NBA is breeding superteams. And now Citadel has become a super-recruiter powerhouse.

For each of the first three quarters of 2016, Citadel has dominated overall hedge fund hiring activity, onboarding hundreds of full-time professionals quarterly and leaving second-, third- and fourth-place hedge fund hirers — with their still-impressive double-digit quarterly hiring stats by hedge fund standards — a distant speck in the rearview mirror.

Even in the area of internal recruiters, Citadel hired more than anyone else: At least 30 recruiters and associated support staff joined Citadel so far in 2016. And based on our profile of Citadel’s 2016 hires of internal recruiters, they’re doing it almost entirely with...

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