From Cocoa to Coffee and Sugar, Soft Commodities Stage Simultaneous Rally

The raw ingredients for goods including chocolate and clothes have rebounded after their pandemic-fueled declines, lifted by supply constraints and investors’ bets that a recovering economy will boost consumer demand.

Cocoa, coffee and other soft commodities trading on the Intercontinental Exchange have bounced back from their lows earlier this year and now number among the world’s best-performing major assets. In the past month alone, cocoa futures have risen 15% to $2,448 a metric ton and coffee futures have climbed 14% to $1.11 a pound...

Alt Data Industry Balloons as Hedge Funds Strive for Covid Edge

A multibillion-dollar industry offering unusual data such as satellite imagery and measurements of social media sentiment is enjoying a boom in demand as hedge funds and companies hunt for clues on how to tackle the coronavirus crisis.

Many investors have turned to so-called alternative data - niche information beyond standard financial market indicators or statistical releases - after finding official numbers too slow in reflecting the collapse in economic activity due to Covid, and the recovery...

The Leading Coaches in Asset Management

Executive coaching may be the most overlooked career hack — or so headhunters say. These are some leaders in the field, selected by Institutional Investor based on confidential recommendations.

“The classic coach is a psychologist or studied organizational behavior, and have worked in coaching their entire career,” Chrostowski says. “The other profile is someone like me: Practitioners. I was part of the senior leadership team at Old Mutual. I know what people are dealing with in the industry...”

The Most Overlooked Career Hack

Headhunters wish more investment professionals knew about career coaching.

“I’m always interested in top-notch talent, but being a career guide for someone who’s not looking to move? That’s not what we do,” says one elite recruiter.

Another finds that coached candidates outperform in interviews, especially if they left their last job on delicate terms. Otherwise, professionals too often show up still reeling or healing...

SEC Censures Private Equity and Hedge Fund Managers Over Fees

The US markets regulator has rebuked private equity and hedge fund managers for overcharging investors and secretly favouring their high-paying clients over other customers in clear contravention of existing regulations.

The criticisms by the Securities and Exchange Commission will intensify debate over whether investors are being treated fairly by the handful of super-wealthy Wall Street barons who have accumulated multibillion-dollar fortunes by running opaque private equity strategies and hedge funds...