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INDUSTRY Trends/Developments

Hedge fund traders far less important than analysts and PMs, says study

How important and talented are traders working on the buy-side? If you've between to eFinancialCareers before, you will know that there are people who say that buy-side traders are not important and talented at all.  Now, a new study of communication patterns at a leading hedge fund confirms traders' comparative insignificance in the hedge fund pantheon.

Undertaken by Daniel Romero at the University of Michigan, Brian Uzzi at Northwestern and Jon Kleinberg at Cornell, the study looked at the interaction of 63 portfolio managers, 26 traders and 95 analysts on a large hedge fund's instant messaging system between January 2010 and December 2011. The academics found that the traders weren't really included in the excitement that ensues from changes in the price of a stock. - The initial discussions mostly took place between portfolio managers and analysts; traders only got involved later after the portfolio managers and analysts had worked out what to do...


Brant Rubin adjusts uncomfortably, a three-year-old toddler is kicking the back of his paper-thin seat back, on his three-hour Ryanair flight from London’s Stansted Airport (because Heathrow is far too bourgeois) to Hamburg to meet a potential client.

The bone-crunching, soul-crushing flight is an exercise in human endurance. Ryanair, a budget airline whose sole mission is to make money by herding as many passengers into the cabin as the United Nations Human Rights Council will allow and depriving them of as many comforts as the United Nations Convention Against Torture will permit, is a far cry from his previous station in life....

A Rarity on Wall Street: A Female- and Minority-Led Activist Hedge Fund

The upper ranks of hedge funds are almost exclusively white and male. Impactive Capital LP, a new activist fund being launched by two industry veterans, will be one of the exceptions.

Its co-founders and managing partners are Christian Asmar, who is Hispanic, and Lauren Taylor Wolfe. Both spent roughly a decade at activist hedge fund Blue Harbour Group LP before leaving to strike out on their own.