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How Ray Dalio built a marketing communications machine

By now pretty much everyone knows about Ray Dalio. A Google search or a glance at YouTube uncovers plenty of items from the world’s leading hedge fund manager.

Book excerpts, narrated videos about the “economic machine”, TED Talks, and interview clips from CNBC are all part of his prolific output. In recent years, Dalio has also taken to posting regular thought pieces on LinkedIn and even tweeting...

Jim Simons Achieved the Dream of Not Managing His Hedge Fund

It is a strange and upsetting fact about investing that probably the best investor ever does not seem to be particularly interested in investing. Like, Warren Buffett, good investor, probably a top-5 investor, and the guy basically wakes up and spends his day reading corporate financial statements. That makes sense, that’s how it ought to be, sure he has immense natural talent and soft skills and luck and opportunity, but he combines those things with constant focused enthusiastic hard work. He has become great at investing by devoting his whole life to it. Normal stuff.

But the Wall Street Journal has an excerpt from Gregory Zuckerman’s book about Jim Simons of Renaissance Technologies, who is pretty securely ahead of Buffett in the rankings...

Hedge Fund Ardevora to Shut Trading Desk and Outsource Execution to Northern Trust

Ardevora Asset Management has decided to outsource its trading and execution to Northern Trust in a bid to reduce costs, The TRADE understands.

According to two people familiar with the situation, the £6 billion fund manager will shut its internal desk in April next year after deciding to outsource its front-office activities to Northern Trust. Ardevora and Northern Trust both declined to comment when approached by The TRADE...