Citadel is still hiring, even while people work from home

COVID-19 may be upending reality, but it's not changing the fact that there are still critical roles to fill or that new hires are arriving who signed contracts before the pandemic was declared on 11 March and the market dislocation began on 9 March. Some of those staff seem to be arriving at Citadel.

LinkedIn indicates that Citadel has made already several hires on both sides of the Atlantic in March. They include: Roland Beunardeau, who joined in London as an equity market neutral analyst from GLG; Kieran Douglas, who also joined in London as a software engineer from Morgan Stanley; Grant Wilder, who joined in London as a macro analyst from Balyasny; and Angela McNabb, a deputy COO who joined in New York from BlueMountain Capital Management.

Ken Griffin’s fund Citadel rumored in shocking drop in Tiffany shares

A deep and surprising drop in Tiffany shares this week came amid chatter that it was sparked by a trader’s recent departure at billionaire Ken Griffin’s hedge fund Citadel Investments, sources told The Post.

After recently losing a trader at one of its merger arbitrage desks, Citadel’s Surveyor Capital fund liquidated a position in the New York-based jeweler, which agreed in November to be acquired for $16.2 billion by French luxury giant LVMH, according to sources close to the fund...